Thank you!

thank you for inquiring about our all-inclusive party location!

Everyone wants a fabulous party.  And, most people agree that part of having a great party is having it be hassle and headache free, as well.  Give yourself some much deserved credit.  You have taken your first step towards that result.   

You will be receiving a detailed estimate for your All-Inclusive party - at our Chicago location - within 1 business day.  If you don't see a reply from us in your INBOX,  kindly check your junk mail.  The estimate will be FROM Glenn David Productions.  And, it will have the date of your event in the SUBJECT line. 

The estimate is for our classic party which was detailed on the prior page.  However, nearly any goodie imaginable can be added.  If our location can physically accommodate it and it's family oriented, we can do it.  No kidding.  Can we hang a huge banner of the birthday child on the wall? Yes! Can you order your own food? You bet! Can we have a bubble machine for the kids? Sure thing! You get the idea.

Again, thank you so much for your interest.  We'll have that estimate over to you shortly.  And, you will be even further along the way to one heck of a great party.

Best regards,

Glenn David Productions
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