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chicago face painting Talent

When hiring talent, most people want a talented pro.  Everyone knows that a huge difference exists between a seasoned professional and a part-time hobbyist.  Your Chicago face painter is a PROFESSIONAL.  Your Chicago face painter is talented enough to actually paint faces for a living.  When you hire us for your Chicago face painting, you can expect them to show up on time, properly attired, well-groomed, happy, and filled with the genuine desire to entertain you and your guests.   There is an old saying.  "You get what you pay for."
And, perhaps most importantly, your Chicago face painter is very patient and LOVES working with children.  And, children adore our Chicago face painters right back:)

what you can expect from chicago face painting

Most people want the flexibility to choose their own face painting design.  And, everyone knows that the customer is always right.  As a result, our Chicago face painters can produce nearly any design imaginable.  Your Chicago face painter can produce designs for an entire face, a cheek, a hand, an arm or a leg. You can give directions to your Chicago face painter on what face painting designs you prefer.  Or, you can leave the face painting choices up to your honored guests. Your Chicago face painter's job is to make you and your guests happy by creating as many smiling, happy faces as possible.  You can expect superior face painting designs from your Chicago face painter, as well as extremely happy guests.

The kinds of paint that are used for chicago face painting

Our Chicago face painters use the same paints that are used by Disney and Six Flags.  Our Chicago face painters only use hypo-allergenic, commercial grade theatrical face paint and makeup.  And, these items are not available in retail stores. Our Chicago face painters use paints that are made by professionals, exclusively for professionals. What does that mean? Superior quality AND safety for you and your guests.

adults love our chicago face painting, too.

Most people want their party to be fun for ALL of their guests.  Everyone knows that sometimes more IS better.  And, you know the old saying, "The more the merrier."  Once the adults see the work of our Chicago face painters, they want to get in on the fun, too.  Be prepared to have your Chicago face painter displaying their face painting talents on the adults as well as the children. 
Adults? Face painting? Well, our Chicago face painters' purpose is to put smiles on the faces of you and your guests.  And, their face painting designs accomplish that mission with flying colors - no pun intended.  

You can also expect to see members of your party coming back to the face painting table regularly to look at their face painting designs in the mirror.  Of course, once our Chicago face painter has finished the design for your particular guest, you can expect them to receive compliments, regularly, both before and after the party.  These occurrences are not boasts.  They are facts out of our Chicago face painters' experience.

our chicago face painters come prepared

Everyone wants their guests to be happy.  And, most people want their event to be hassle free, as well.  You do not need to hire a party rental service to supply us with tables and chairs.  Our Chicago face painters can bring both - along with a table to floor linen for the table - for less than a party rental company would charge you for delivery.  Cool, huh?
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